The question about whether the United Kingdom can be called a legitimate state may have become rather passé by Christmas. The latest United Nations climate change jamboree will be taking place in Paris from 30th November to 11th December. At this one they want to make everyone agree to the principle of a world government. The official web-site for the conference puts it like this:

The will to act together and to keep within the +2°C limit led to the creation of the Durban Platform (ADP), with the role of bringing together all developed and developing countries to work on a “protocol, legal instrument or agreed outcome with legal force”, applicable to all parties to the UN Framework Agreement on Climate Change. The “new instrument” will have to be adopted in 2015 and implemented from 2020, and that is the goal of the 2015 Paris Conference.

“Legal force” implies that all the members of the United Nations would agree to the existence of a universal body with the right to legislate and to enforce its laws. I imagine that it will not feel at first like a fully-fledged government, but will rather be something like the European Union, spread across the world. I shouldn’t be surprised if it began with some global Mother Earth tax; inane and sinister at the same time. The the poorer nations will probably agree to it in the hopes of getting money from the richer nations; the governing classes of the richer nations will probably subscribe in the hopes of gaining greater power over everyone, confident that even if their nations as a whole become poorer, the kinds of people who arrange United Nations’ Agreements don’t. China has apparently been guaranteed an exemption, so there is no reason why it should obstruct the process.

I suggest that anyone who wants to hear some relevant climactic, economic and political facts about the question have a look on YouTube for anything by Christopher Monckton. If we accept Belloc’s definition of genius as the capacity to think rapidly in a very great number of categories, then Viscount Monckton is clearly a genius. Originally trained in classical art and architecture, he is a very gifted mathematician who served as a political advisor to Margaret Thatcher and has published widely in scientific journals (yes, ‘peer-reviewed’ ones) on climactic matters. He is also an excellent and sometimes alliterative public speaker. In a recent talk he summarized the present political situation like this:

The breaching of the Berlin Wall and the melting down of the Iron Curtain marked not the end of totalitarianism, but the end of its confinement. The new menace to liberty is groupthink gone global. The globalization of groupthink is guilefully disguised under the green fig leaf of pietistic environmentalism. From behind that fig leaf, emerges today’s tumescent totem of totalitarian tyranny: climate change.

Here he is speaking on a recent article of which he is a co-author, arguing for the inapplicability of one of the principal equations used in calculating changes in temperature. It was published in the Chinese Bulletin of Science; on these kinds of question, free speech is more favoured in China than in the west:

This one is from a few years ago, being a more general survey of the question. It was given to a well-known institute of higher education in East Anglia:

I can claim no specialist knowledge on this subject. But I know a stink when I smell one. And when the United Nations, the world’s press and the world’s politicians profess certainty about so complex a question, and will brook no opposition – why, it stinks to high heaven.