Anyone ever got sucked into TV Tropes? I guess I survived two or three links to that procrastinational paradise (despite its name, it is not entirely, or even primarily, about TV) without serious damage, but then I was unlucky: I started reading, following links, reading, more links, discovering stuff with which to waste even more time, … I was undone. So that you get a fair chance of following my career, the friendly folks at TV Tropes have a random function you can click until you start to feel the surge.

I know better now. I keep away from TV Tropes.

My work, however, keeps forcing me to confront stuff I never wanted to know anything about, such as the construction and problems of ovens (don’t ask) and now, programming and even computer and GPS hardware. And for these issues, StackOverflow has proved to be an absolute life saver, again and again, even for utter noobs like me.

In a wave of enthusiasm engendered by simple gratitude, I registered as a user. And discovered that StackOverflow is only one community (though, I think, the most prominent) of a whole web ecosystem called StackExchange. They all focus on short, to the point questions that have not been asked before, to the point answers, no time-wasting discussions, and a reputation systems that seems to really work, because nearly always the answer voted “best” is the one that helps you.

I did NOT expect to have my productive energy sucked off by things like this, this, or, worst of all, this.

P.S. How do I justify this text? (Typographically, I mean. WordPress changed all the menus, help!) Berenike would be going mad if she saw this!