Synod on the Family

Michael Brendan Dougherty tells it how it is in The Week. “In the next three weeks, I fully expect the leadership of my own One Holy and Apostolic Catholic Church to fall into apostasy, at the conclusion of the Synod on the Family that begins today in Rome.” And he is in no doubt what is responsible: the twenty-first ecumenical council and the liturgical monstrosities that followed.

The “New Mass” of the Second Vatican Council, in a halting and incomplete way, expresses a completely new theology, one that is nearly the opposite of Catholicism. Instead of Christ dying on the cross to redeem sinners, he dies on the cross because man’s dignity demands that he does so. The recognition of this supreme dignity of man at the Mass is not a sacrifice, but a memorial gathering. And this gathering foreshadows the as-yet-unrealized unity of all men, not the heavenly feast. Thus after the moment of consecration, instead of allowing Catholics a moment to contemplate the mystery of the incarnation and the sacrifice of Calvary, they stand up and nervously shake hands. Because it is not just a new religion, but a banal one.

The full-feed prelates who propose to desecrate the sacraments of Matrimony and the Eucharist are, he candidly explains, not only heretics they are apostates and idolaters. Read it and weep.