…et haec est victoria, quae vincit mundum, fides nostra

It is not just paedophiles’ pal Cardinal Danneels who gets a free pass it seems. Liberal prelates accused of complicity in same-sex abuse can, apparently, hide behind a much higher burden of proof than those suspected of a sympathy for tradition. A number of failing conservative prelates have been rightly removed from office but one wonders if it was their conservatism rather than their failures that ensured their demise. Characters such as Danneels and Juan Barros of Osorno on the other hand appear immune to criticism however high the evidence mounts. Damian Thompson reports in The Spectator on the dismay surrounding the Pope’s enthusiasm for Danneels and the new enthusiasm among Catholics for Cardinal Péter Erdö who denounced at the beginning of the Synod the Pope’s – sorry Kasper’s – plans to rehabilitate adultery. Cardinal Danneels, lest we forget, is now openly boasting that he conspired for years with other liberal prelates to undermine Pope Benedict and secure the election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope. Edward Pentin has exposed the way in which the official Vatican briefings are suppressing all mention of interventions by orthodox bishops at the Synod, not least statements of support for Cardinal Erdö’s speech. Now even The New York Times is raising an eyebrow about the protection of Barros. The video has apparently met a furious reaction in Chile.

Dorothy McLean laments that all senior clerics do not show the same heroic courage as CDF Polish Monsignor Charamsa (just so we can all know where we stand).