The Pope is infallible when he 1) invokes his supreme authority 2) addresses the universal church 3) on a matter of faith and morals, and 4) defines. On other occasions he enjoys a presumption of reliability that varies in intensity according to the frequency and gravity with which he and his predecessors expresses themselves but which never reaches the point of infallibility. If you want the inspired word of God go and read the Bible. If you want the Tradition of the Church go and read the Fathers. If you want the greatest interpretation of these things go and read the Doctors. Long rambling encyclicals are a wretched novelty dating back no further than 1832. The obsession with the personality of the reigning pontiff conceived as some sort of oracle with his every sermon and audience pored over to the exclusion of the sources of the faith is the product of the pseudo-Christian conservative right-Hegelianism of Balthasarians and other fruitcakes. Because they dress themselves up as Catholics these characters have wasted the energies of innumerable well intentioned Christians who might otherwise have been drinking from the pure steams of St Paul, St Augustine and St Thomas. Now that the Kirchengeist has discovered divorce and gay marriage they are left entirely without the intellectual and moral resources to cope. The overt left-Hegelian enemy such as Kasper is only capable of the kind of damage he is now inflicting from without because the Neo-cons have been rotting the tree from within for decades.