(c) The Mansion House; Supplied by The Public Catalogue FoundationThe original purpose of the House of Lords was to assemble all those who actually rule the various parts of the kingdom in order that they might give counsel to the crown and their consent be obtained for proposed taxes and statutory legislation. They are the complement of the House of Commons which is an assembly of the elected representatives of those who are ruled. The reform of the House of Lords, so vital and delicate a matter, should be true re-form. It is is important that the functions of the House of Commons are not replicated. The Chancellor of the Exchequer has often expressed his enthusiasm for an elected executive  and greater fiscal autonomy in local government. The counties and cities of the United Kingdom should once more be given unitary local government. They should each have an elected council and an elected Lord Sheriff or Lord Mayor. A proper cursus honorum should be observed to ensure competence and local knowledge and avoid demagoguery. Only individuals who have served on the city or county council and then in the House of Commons should be eligible to stand for election as Mayor or Sheriff. The House of Lords should then be composed of all the Lord Mayors and Sheriffs of the United Kingdom. Proper dignity would be restored to local government and the House of Lords would be restored to its original purpose of gathering the actual rulers of the localities and introducing their knowledge and power into the highest counsels of the realm.