There was a moment in the second Sky News referendum question time last week when a Welsh steel worker challenged Michael Gove about what he would do to help British Steel in the event of Brexit. Gove proposed to do more and to intervene more than would currently be  permitted under EU rules. He was challenged on this as inconsistent with his Thatcherite credentials. “The market is not my God” Gove retorted. The incident took my breath away but I could not understand why at the time. Then it occurred to me why. Here is something I have never seen in my lifetime: a free subject of Elizabeth II challenges one of his elected representatives in Parliament as to how he would employ the sovereignty of the Queen in Parliament to give redress to the grievances of her people. This is real politics. This is real liberty. Gove was forced to give a theoretical moral account for his actions to a free man. This is what was taken from us in 1973 and here it is again for a few brief precious moments. Whatever the right course is in this instance, Gove can take it or not take it and people can hold him to account for it because we do not need to remain in the European Union. Freedom is a precious precious thing. Inhale! Breath deep! Vote Leave!