“The object of our life is ‘to seek God’; that is our destiny, our vocation. This vocation is incomparably high, because every creature, even the angelic creature, is of its nature infinitely far removed from God. God is the fulness of Being and of all perfection; and every creature, however perfect it may be, is only a being drawn out of nothing and possesses only a borrowed perfection. Moreover, as we have said, the end of a free creature is, in itself, proportioned to the nature of this creature; as every created being is ‘finite’, the beatitude to which it has a right by nature is necessarily limited. But God, in immense condescension, has willed to admit us to share His intimate Divine Beatitude. This Beatitude, placed infinitely beyond our nature, constitutes our last end and the foundation of the supernatural order.”

– Blessed Columba Marmion, Christ the Ideal of the Monk