Notre dame

As a metaphor, it is almost too perfect. A noble and beautiful Church, renowned throughout the world. Restoration work is ordered, and by some imprudence or malice, or both, a fire is kindled. Quickly it becomes an uncontrollable blaze. Where are the firemen? The spire collapses, so the church no longer seems to the eyes of men to point heavenwards. Some faithful spontaneously gather, praying, helpless. The Mohammedan openly exults. A priest of tradition valiantly enters the blaze and saves three things: the Holy Eucharist; the sign of the Lord’s Passion; a memorial of Christendom (how galling for the ecclesiastical establishment in France that a spiritual heir of Marcel Lefebvre should be the hero of the hour!) The altar of Mass-towards-man fails; the altar of Mass-towards-God stands. The president of the Masonic republic, a former Catholic, vows: We will rebuild her.