“We live in exciting times, when the vision of Vatican II is beginning to be realised in the Church”

It is essentially obvious to anyone with eyes to see that Pope Francis intends as much harm to the Catholic Faith and to the Church as he can get away with in the time left to him and to embed his henchmen as deeply as he can for the benefit of posterity. Pope Francis has told us that he often doubts the truth of the Gospel. St Thomas Aquinas warns us that “faith should be certain, because one who doubts in the faith is an unbeliever“. Paul VI had no right to promulgate the Novus Ordo Missae. Pope Francis and his abetters have no right to forbid any priest to celebrate the authentic Roman Rite. So long as the faithful carry on attending the Novus Ordo and so long as orthodox priests carry on celebrating it they enable the Modernist abuse of the Church. There is no real hope for recovery until the faithful priests and laity utterly refuse to have anything to do with the pseudo-liturgy. Bl. John Henry Newman said the Church would look rather silly with no laity. We need urgently to introduce the Modernist hierarchy to that experience.