Rome, 7th September 1793

Noble sir, We consider that our especial commendation and the testimony of our heart may be justly claimed by those who, in this time of apostasy and impiety, have exerted the force of their genius that they might write in defence of the cause of right, and that they might labour with all their strength in helping and in favouring not only those distinguished ecclesiastics who are now exiles from the kingdom of France, but also all the Catholics residing in the most happy dominions of Great Britain. Amongst them you have stood out as one of the foremost, in that you have composed a famous work to overthrow and utterly destroy the fictions of the new philosophers of France, and have exhorted your fellow country-men not only to show indulgence to the above mentioned ecclesiastics in which they are pre-eminent, but also to show indulgences to Catholics born in the realm of Great Britain–those Catholics who, buoyed up by the renown of their loyalty, have made themselves worthy of the whole nation lavishing its love and benevolence upon them, and have also shown that they are no hindrance to the tranquility and security of the kingdom. This has taken place through your agency, often and at many times, but especially in the year 1780 and also on many subsequent occasions. And therefore it is our wish that you should accept with joyful and cheerful heart our congratulations and praises, which have this especial object—that you should more and more exert yourself to protect the cause of civilization, and that you should moreover feel assured that an encouragement has been given to our high opinion of the illustrious King of Great Britain and the renowned British people, because of such noble arguments for liberty. All this shall be declared personally to you by him who is to hand you this letter, and who has particularly recommended himself to us and to the Apostolic See since he can boast, to some extent a common nationality with yourself. Meanwhile we invoke upon you from the Almighty and beneficent Father all such good things as the heart can desire.

Given at Rome, the seventh day of September, 1793, in the nineteenth year of our pontificate.


Romæ, 7 septembris 1793.

Nobilis vir, salutem. Nostram profecto commemdationem, nostrique grati animi testimonium jure quodam suo vindicare sibi videntur ii, qui apostasiæ et impietatis tempore suas ingenii vires eo intenderunt, ut bonam causam defendendam susciperent, utque plurimum adlaborarent in juvandis fovendisque non iis modo egregiis ecclesiasticis viris, qui sunt e regno Galliarum extorres, sed omnibus etiam catholicis, qui in florentissimis istis Magnæ Britanniæ regnis commorantur. Hos inter tu in primis emituisti, qui celebre elucubrasti opus ad evertenda et profliganda novorum Galliæ philosophorum commenta, quique tuos hortatus esses cives nedum ut opem ferrent, ea qua præstant humanitate memoratis Galliarum ecclesiasticis viris, sed etiam ut plurimum faverent catholicis in Magnæ Britamniæ. Regno natis, qui fidelitatis laude pollentes se dignos reddiderunt, in quos natio universa suum amorem et benevolentiam conjiceret, et in quibus publici regiminis tranquillitas, et securitas conquiesceret. Quod quidem per te, et sæpe alias factum est, et ammo præsertim 1780, et aliis quoque temporibus, quæ postea sunt consecuta. Hinc læto hilarique velimus accipias animo nostras commendationes et laudes, quæ eo maxime spectant, ut tu magis magisque exciteris ad tuendam causam humanitatis, tibique præterea persuasum habeas, nostræ in Magnæ Britanniæ regem illustrem, et in inclytam mationem existimationi ob tam eximia liberalitatis argumenta magnam factam accessionem fuisse, veluti melius coram declarabitis, qui tibi has nostras litteras reddet, quique Nobis, et apostolicæ Sedi addictus est, et communem tecum nationem habere quodammodo gloriatur. Interim tibi a Deo optimo maximo bona omnia ex animo adprecamur.

Datum Romae , die 7 septembris 1793, pontificatus nostri anno decimo mono.