Communion on the tongue is the universal norm in the Roman Rite. Paul VI permitted communion in the hand by way of exception. Now, as a result of COVID-19, some bishops are insinuating and others stating openly that the faithful must receive in the hand. This is false.  The right of the faithful to receive on the tongue is upheld by Redemptionis sacramentum 92. A diocesan bishop does not have the right to set aside this law on his own authority. Besides, given the moral certainty of desecration when communion is distributed in the hand a command to distribute or receive on the hand would be invalid even if it came from Rome. This virus has exposed a number of errors endemic in the contemporary episcopate not least an acceptance of the inferiority of the spiritual to the temporal power and an estimation of the sacraments as ‘non essential’ and inferior in importance to groceries. We must not permit these half-believing prelates to impose further outrages upon the Body of Christ.