down south

So next Friday, work takes me off to the antipodes, to be poisoned either by spiders that lurk in shady corners even in cities (!) or by evil jellyfish that either (i) are small enough to swim through protective nets at beaches, or (ii) reach through protective nets with meters-long tentacles (all according to my travel guide that tries to get people to go there!) And my colleagues have been quite horrified that I am leaving on Friday the 13th. Is there quite as noxious a superstition about this in Britain as there is here? Anyway, after pooh-poohing this notion, tonight I was checking the liturgical calendar (NO) for the time I would be away. So whose commemorations are on (Friday) 13 September? My very own pseudonymous patron saint, St. Notburga (yes, I am very bad about remembering saints’ days), and: St. Tobit and St. Tobias. Well…

It’s all a bit Disgruntled of Peebles round here recently, but these three posts on the postconciliar machinations south of the border make interesting if sad reading.

How did we get here I

How did we get here II

How did we get here III and final 

Anyone know someone who could do a similar thing for Scotland? Thomas FitzPatrick who wrote that Faith in Education book?