Ecclesia Anglicana

Cardinal Allen describes the sinful compromises undertaken by English Catholics fearing the persecution of the Elizabethan government:

“…even many priests, after saying Mass in secret, publicly on the very same day, conducted the heretical services, thus in a most wicked way sharing the chalice of the Lord with the chalice of the devil. They did this because they falsely thought it was sufficient if they held to their faith by inward assent while obeying the government in outward actions.”

– T. F. Knox, Letters and Memorials of Cardinal Allen, 56.


The ‘Archbishop of Canterbury’ has let out Canterbury Cathedral to the Masons to perform their blasphemies at the same moment as the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster will be Consecrating England to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

O Immaculate Virgin Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ,
Mother of Grace,
and Queen of the kingdom of thy Son,
humbly kneeling before thee,
we offer thee this country in which we live.
It once was thine.
Before it was robbed of the holy Faith
all its children were thy children,
and thou wast honoured throughout its length and breadth
as its Protectress and its Queen.
Again do we consecrate it to thee;
again do we dedicate it as thine own Dowry.
We offer our own hearts,
that their love and service
may ever grow and increase.
We offer all our brethren
those multitudes who know thee so little
or know thee not at all.
May thy prayer bring back the country’s ancient faith.
May thy intercession lead us to a closer union
with thy divine Son.
We consecrate ourselves to Him through thee.
Obtain for us,
and for England thy Dowry,
every grace and blessing,
O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary!

V. Pray for us, O holy Mother of God.
R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Let us pray.

O Holy Mother of God, Virgin ever blest,
O Mary Immaculate, pray for us,
intercede for us, disdain not to help us.
For we are confident and know for certain
that thou canst obtain all thou wiliest from thy Son,
our Lord Jesus Christ,
God Almighty, the King of ages,
who liveth with the Father and the Holy Ghost,
for ever and ever.



[revised 4th June] Having taken into account the comments of Aelianus with regard to the last post but one and some further thoughts of my own, I propose the following interim division of England.

A wise and pacific French Dominican whom I once knew, an expert on Arabic and Islam who had lived many years in Egypt, used to remark that once that religion had entered a country, history showed only two alternatives. Either it gradually spread until it became the dominant force in the country, or else it was driven out by the sword.

Given the high and ever-rising number of Muslims in England, I wonder if the time has come to apply the solution which King Alfred used with regard to the Vikings after the battle of Ethandune, namely to cut off part of the country and allow them to govern it on condition that they didn’t cross over their borders. This would in turn naturally lead us back to what I believe is the even more ancient idea of England as divided into three kingdoms. Only, instead of Mercia, Wessex and Northumbria we could have the Muslims, the Catholics and the Secularists. The exact division of these territories could be settled by a summit meeting of the archbishop of Westminster, the President of the Muslim Council of Great Britain and the Director-General of the BBC.

I propose that the Secularists should have a court, or rather an endless succession of coalition governments elected by PR, based somewhere in north London, perhaps Islington or Hampstead. They could have the south of England, extending as far north as the Midlands and to the eastern suburbs of Oxford in the West, say to the Iffley Road just before you get to Greyfriars. This territory would therefore include East Anglia, but Walsingham would be reserved for the Catholics, a bit like La Rochelle in the 17th Century only in reverse. Walsingham could be ruled by twelve Guardians, who would have the right to try all but capital crimes.

The Muslims could have a caliphate centred, perhaps, on Bradford, and coming down as far as south and west as Birmingham inclusively. It need go no higher than York, I think, to suffice for their needs, which would create an amplified Ealdormanry of Northumbria as a buffer zone against the Scotch. We would have the rest of England, with our capital in Glastonbury. It would be ruled, subsidiarity being duly respected, by a descendant of James II nominated by the Pope after consultation with the the Duke of Bavaria and the head of the House of Hapsburg. The Anglicans and non-conformists would be allowed to decide which of the three realms they felt was their spiritual home. That would still leave the Hindus and Sikhs, of course, but perhaps they could partition the Isle of Man.

Teething problems in relations between the three realms could be settled by meetings of ambassadors at Crewe, which would be reasonably central and convenient for rail access. For this purpose I should be inclined to grant Crewe independence of all other jurisdictions, apart, of course, from that of the Roman Pontiff. Its supreme legislature would therefore be the town council, presided over by a Stationmaster-General. Within his territory he would rank as ceremonially equal to the heads of state of the three principal realms, and would have the right to have crossed flags borne before him in processions.

Since we should have Walsingham as an extra-territorial dependency, I should also be inclined for the sake of peace to grant something similar to the other two realms. The Muslims could have Luton. What of the secularists? Somewhat reluctantly, I suggest conceding them Hay-on-Wye. It would make a nice holiday destination if foreign travel were to become too expensive or dangerous, and they could go there to praise each other’s books.

This division would not last for many generations. The Secularists would wither away owing to birth-control, and we could easily re-take London, perhaps having first recovered and reconciled Canterbury Cathedral. The Muslims would multiply, as would we. We would send them missionaries, and perhaps our Lady of Fatima would intervene to bring about a wonderful conversion. If on the other hand the Sultan of Bradford forbade them to preach in his domain, the Roman pontiff could grant us the right to invade his territory to vindicate the rights of the faith. After a long and glorious reconquista the realm would again enjoy true peace.

Ridiculous? Of course. Yet no more ridiculous than if one had told a Tory MP in 1913 that in 100 years time, his party would propose that men should marry each other.

The Pill is demanding the burial of Richard III in a Catholic Church. Hmmmm….. I suppose he is a Catholic but I am sure the ‘C’ of E in the form of Leicester ‘Cathedral’ will maintain their spurious claim to be the Ecclesia Anglicana and demand his body (and the attendant tourist revenues). Personally I think he is overwhelmingly likely to be guilty so I am not enthused about the idea of drawing attention to his alleged Catholic credentials. He had the motive, he had the opportunity and they disappeared on his watch. Who was the last mediaeval king you remember who deposed someone and then didn’t kill them when they had the opportunity? He also seems to have been accused of killing them and didn’t produce them to show them were alive or deny that they were dead (according to Holinshed in 1577 not very near the events admitedly). I can’t understand why the Richard III Society thinks that the discovery of his body makes it any less likely that he is innocent. In fact, the proof it affords that he was deformed increases the credibility of St Thomas More’s account.

Lot's Wife

+Vincent Nichols has abolished the Soho ‘Gay Masses’ and given the desecrated Church to the ex-Anglican Ordinariate. Hmmm…. one hopes this is not a veiled insult. The Jesuits will take over ‘pastoral care’ of the congregation (but no more Masses). Hmmm….. alcoholics and breweries. These arrangements will take effect from next Lent (one wouldn’t want to rush into the cessation of sacrilege). Damien Thompson welcomes all this but feels sure that the Church’s teaching on homosexuality will ‘evolve’. Like many people with a weak grasp of Catholic doctrine he seems to confuse political conservatism with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The bishops seem to confuse vague centre-leftism with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Still John Smeaton thinks we should welcome the move and he is not over inclined to naivete in regard to the local hierarchy. So I suppose one ought to be gracious. Thank God for the Nuncio. Pray for the Nuncio. The one good thing about the misery of these times (as with our own sins) is that they expose the most important truth upon which we can meditate Sine tuo numine, nihil est in homine, nihil est innoxium. Distrust of the world is the logical corollary of distrust of self. But distrust of self is not enough without trust in God. If the Gospel is not presented to our contemporaries the disgust of many of them with the open sewer of our culture will not be enough to bring about their salvation. “For if I preach the gospel, it is no glory to me: for a necessity lies upon me. For woe is unto me if I preach not the gospel.” It makes it a lot easier to preach the Gospel if the local hierarchy is not repudiating it by their words and deeds. Thank God for the Nuncio. Pray for the Nuncio.