You are going to Mass on a Sunday at your usually orthodox parish church. Instead of a priest, two of the nice old ladies of the parish form the end of the procession.

For reasons that seemed good to them, the Polish bishops moved the celebration of Ascension to Sunday. Which creates a dilemma. Does one begin the nine days of prayer on the Thursday, even though it’s not the Ascension, or does one begin them on the Ascension, but making them not nine days?


There is a right answer to this, and yous had better give it because I am having an argument with someone on an organists’ forum on the matter!

You know when you go to church and settle down before Mass to recollect yourself and prepare for the Holy Sacrifice and so on and so forth, and some wifey (usually) stands up and starts getting you to sing phrases back at her like it was the pantomime? Do you like that, or do you sit there trying not to wish she would drop dead?

(“loathe” doesn’t have to mean you can’t put up with it/would rather go to a proddy communion service than put up with it/ekcetra)

So why did you choose the definition you did choose? Let’s have just the minority answers for just now.