LateranThere has been a lot of talk lately about the Second Vatican Council and how it ought to be set aside or relegated from its ecumenical status. This is quite impossible and improper. It is precisely the sort of idea liberals have been floating about many of the other councils. It cannot be accepted or even tolerated.  The Council infallibly defined in a number of areas and these definitions must be accepted. Vatican II was a validly convened Ecumenical Council and must be accepted as such.

However, it is very clear that the twenty-first council was associated with many rash and frankly presumptuous prudential decisions. The very idea of holding an Ecumencial Council for no particular reason and then deliberately defining no dogmas and issuing no canons while putting forth volumes of merely authentic teaching is wrong. It is putting God to the test. Bishops at the council openly propounded heretical doctrines and nothing was done. Cardinal Franz König of Vienna openly denied the inerrancy of Scripture. Others praised the monstrous writings of Teilhard de Chardin. Ambiguities intended to favour heresy were introduced into the texts. The reforms proposed by Sacrosanctum Concilium were similarly ambiguous in order to facilitate the outrageous and illicit confection of a ‘New Rite’ of the Mass by Paul VI.

These wicked acts must be frankly acknowledged and atoned for by another Ecumenical Council in a definitive way. The public and complete atonement for the blasphemies of the last sixty years must be comprehensive. Just as Cardinal Pole frankly acknowledged the crimes of the Roman Curia and the episcopate at the beginning of Trent so too the Council of restoration must, and even more solemnly, confess the sins of the prelacy and beg Almighty God to put an end to the plague of apostasy, corruption and unnatural vice that has laid waste to the Church.

All the errors and heresies favoured by the ambiguities in Vatican II’s merely authentic teaching must be solemnly condemned. It must be solemnly defined that the Novus Ordo was illicit and that Popes do not have the authority to create ‘new rites’ of this kind. Heretics such as Karl Rahner, Hans Urs von Balthasar and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin must be solemnly condemned by name along with their adherents and the errors of authors such as Maritain and de Lubac openly identified, attributed to them by name and proscribed. If possible, priestly ordinations should henceforth be conducted only by bishops without the Novus Ordo in their episcopal line. Not because the Novus Ordo is invalid but in recognition of the offence it has given to God. This Council must not flinch from holding the present occupant of the highest See to the same standards as Honorius was held in 681 and binding all his successors to recognise their verdict in that matter.