We like:

Baur, Benedict, O.S.B.                 Frequent Confession: its place in the spiritual life

Figes, O.                                     A People’s Tragedy

Garrigou-Lagrange, R., O.P.       Three Ages of the Spiritual Life

Gilson, E.                                    The Spirit of Mediaeval Philosophy

McIntyre, A.                                After Virtue

Neusner, J.                                  A Rabbi Speaks with Jesus

Pinckaers, Servais                     The Sources of Christian Ethics

Pratt, George                             The Dynamics of Harmony; Principles and Practice

Southern, R.                              Scholastic Humanism and the Unification of Europe

Suenens, L. J. Card.                    Edel Quinn, Heroine of the Apostolate

Tissot, J.                                        L’art d’utiliser ses fautes: d’après saint François de Sales (EN                                                    and PL editions available)

Totah, M.D., OSB, ed.                          The Spirit of Solesmes (not actually about Solesmes,                                                                                                               but  about the life of grace.)


Austen, J.                                 Anything

Bernanos, G.                            The Diary of a Country Priest

Cummings, Dorothy             Anything

Greene, G.                                The Power and the Glory

Newman, J. H.                         Callista

Undset, S.,                               Anything

7 Responses to “Really books”

  1. Dominic H Says:

    Oh yes!
    I love Bernanos, too – Monsieur Ouine, perhaps even more than the Diary, but how difficult to understand it can be.

    And (having encountered references to it while researching Catholic culture and history in Norway) Just began reading Kristin Lavransdatter on Friday. So far – utterly breathtaking.


  2. Paul Says:

    Another fan of Kristin Lavransdatter!

    A while back I made a Sigrid Undset Facebook page – you’d almost think I had too much time on my hands, but I can assure you I have nothing like enough.

    (Kindly delete the previous – there’s a typo in the url!)

  3. berenike Says:

    Just this year I discovered that a book sent to me in a box of books, and one I picked up in the book-jumble-stall at the back of my parish church, are in fact a pair – Wild Orchid and the Burning Bush (one EN, the other PL). I also read Madame Dorthea – another find on that book table. Great stuff. I was meaning to change Undset’s entry above to “anything”.

    I think I have joined your facebook group. Small world!

  4. Yet another fan of Kristin Lavransdatter here, though it’s about time I re-read it soon. I actually haven’t read it since my conversion, and think I would appreciate it even more now. I would also recommend Sigrid Undset’s book on St. Catherine of Siena, which I read recently.

    I actually just finished one of her contemporary novels (1917) yesterday, and have yet to read something by her I didn’t like. It’s a continuing fascination of mine to find references to Catholicism pop up here and there even in her early novels, long before her conversion.

    As a curiosity, I may mention that Sigrid Undset’s first novel, which was also historical, was rejected by a Danish publisher with the words that she was really not capable of writing about historical themes and the recommendation that she turned her hand to contemporary themes instead. She did, but later, as we know, well vindicated herself and put to shame the publisher’s literary judgment.

  5. berenike Says:

    Aelianus is reading it at the moment, and his granny read it decades ago and loved it. “I couldn’t put it down!”

  6. I’m just about to start ‘Gymnadenia’, which I assume would be ‘Wild Orchid’ in English. I picked up a few Undset books very reasonably priced at a second hand shop in Haugesund last week, including ‘Gymnadenia’ and ‘The Burning Bush’ in a one volume edition (in Norwegian obviously).

    1. I should mention that I finished ‘Wild Orchid’ and ‘The Burning Bush’ about a week ago. Amazing writing!

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