(this is scrappy, it is “in progress”, it’s one of my procrastination tools)



Clementine (the version approved by the Council of Trent, entirely trustworthy in faith and morals)  – attractive version, good search function etc, also you can get the Glossa Ordinaria to go with it, if you can work out the technical stuff (which is straightforward)

Nova Vulgata the new Vulgate – to be used in the preparation of vernacular translations, even when these are done from the original languages (Liturgicam Authenticam: or read the handy press release)

Douay Rheims

New American Bible Has some introductions that can be useful, but no guarantees of non-misleadingness because I haven’t used it for three years.

Commentaries  – on more than one book

on the whole Bible

Biblia Clerus on the whole Bible

Commentaria in scripturam sanctam Cornelii a Lapide SJ

a Lapide, in English, Gospels, Corinthians I&II, Galatians, John 1-3

Catena Aurea English

St Thomas Aquinas, commentaries on Scripture in Latin

Commentaries – on individual books


St Bruno Latin (pdf)

St Thomas Aquinas on pss. 1-55, English


St Bede    English (almost complete text online)

Latin (pdf)

6 Responses to “Scripture”

  1. Mark Says:

    You might be interested in these links to English translations of Aquinas’s biblical commentaries:

    John: http://www.diafrica.org/kenny/CDtexts/SSJohn.htm

    Romans: http://www.aquinas.avemaria.edu/Aquinas_on_Romans.pdf

    Other Pauline commentaries:

    and: http://www.diafrica.org/kenny/CDtexts/

    Best wishes,


    1. Ross Davis Says:

      In March 2008, I downloaded lecture 1 of the Gospel of St. John Chaptern 11.It consisted of 33 pages. To my dismay I have misplaced pages 21,22,26-29.Any chance I can recover them?

      1. berenike Says:

        wot’s it worth? …

      2. markarmitage Says:

        The material that seems to have vanished from diafrica.org is now available at http://www.op-stjoseph.org/Students/study/thomas/

  2. berenike Says:

    that diafrica site is marvellous! I discovered it some time ago looking for, um, something.

    The other one I haven’t seen – thanks so much! I have the Romans commentary in Polish. I was thinking of reading it this Pauline year, from end to end. There’s a lot! Undergrad scripture studies have fallen low since the C13 …

  3. Banzo Says:

    At http://jmom.honlam.org/rsvce/ you can perform searches of the RSV;Catholic Edition. This is the same version used in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Glad to see you disuse the NAB; “me too.”

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