[so totally under construction it’s about the stage of a field without even a hole in the ground]

Chesterton Online

International Observatory Cardinal Van Thuan for the Social Doctrine of the Church

Documenta Catholica Omnia

MaterCare International

Attack of the Sprouts

Ultimate Rosaries

How to pronounce French

Liturgy online

(all except one of the breviary sites hunt out the texts of the day for you):

Universalis (psalms and readings for Mass and Office, clean site)

Breviary in Polish (nice)  Breviary in Latin (in progress)

Liturgia Horarum in Latin and Spanish (graphically messy)

Breviarium Romanum (?1961, nice clean site, Latin only, no Matins)

Breviarium Romanum (Latin/English, with choice of Tridentine, 1955, …)

Breviarium Romanum (Latin/English, not dynamic – you have to skip from page to page, wot is a pain)

Religious communities that should be more famous

Piccola Famiglia dell’Esodo

Nuns of the order of the Carthusians

Petits Soeurs de la Consolation du Sacre Coeur et de la Sainte Face

Dominican Sisters of St Joseph

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