Bill Gates

Has lots of mates.

He can set the table at a roar

With his plans for there to be less people than there were before.


If you grab Dr Fauci

By the hand he gets grouchy

Coz he wants to stay clean

And doesn’t know where you’ve been.


I wouldn’t quite say that George Soros

Gave me the horrors.

But it might be wiser

If he wore a visor.

{for more about this admirable literary genre, see here.}

(For those who don’t know, clerihews are named after Edmund Clerihew Bentley, a school-boy friend of Gilbert Chesterton. Sitting next to Chesterton one day in a dull Chemistry class, he picked up his pen and in an inspired moment wrote these lines: ‘Sir Humphrey Davy/ detested gravy./ He lived in the odium/ of having discovered sodium’. Thus was born a new literary genre.)



We (with hindsight) love you.

You knew that a wedding ring

Wasn’t a bit of bling.


Papa Ratzinger

Was fond of cats; linger

He didn’t, but made himself ex

In a way that was bound to perplex.


Pope Jorge Bergoglio

Caused quite the imbroglio.

Did he enter the Church to destroy ‘er?

And who exactly was his employer?