I don’t normally provide links to Bishop Richard Williamson’s newsletters, but this one seems particularly relevant to this blog; and it’s basically from Cardinal Billot, anyway, who I think was quite a good egg (though he once made Garrigou-Lagrange so angry in a private discussion by calling Cajetan a thomiste batard – not as rude as it sounds – that G-L walked out of the room; also Pius XI apparently took Billot’s cardinalatial zuchetta off his head and stamped on it in order to express in a vivid way his, Pius’s, opposition to Action Francaise. Things were more exciting in those days.)

To see the London Times, a pro-abortion, energetically pro-euthanasia and also a pro-(excuse me) sodomy newspaper, solemnly invoke the authority of the second Letter of St Peter in its leading article today in order to chide the Church of England for the vote against woman bishops – well, it would be sickening if it weren’t hilarious.

The present position is worse than that before the time of Christ. It is not the ignorance of a child but the madness of an old, and at one time very cultured, man (R. Garrigou-Lagrange, ‘Priesthood and Perfection’, chapter 7).