The SDLP and Sinn Fein no longer hold Christian views on moral issues. Sinn Fein have tabled a motion for the third time calling for legalisation of same sex civil partnerships, which had to be vetoed by the Democratic Unionist Party. The SDLP are not much better, except are perhaps slightly less pro-abortion than Sinn Fein.

Catholics in northern Ireland should now consider quietly voting for their local unionist candidate, who can probably be considered a safer pair of hands on such issues.

Updated  and expanded 19th AugustImageIn April this year, Sinn Féin effectively became a pro-abortion party, voting to support the legislation to sanction abortion in case of maternal suicide risk (as a doctor, it seems perverse that abortion is considered an appropriate therapeutic option for suicidal ideation). During its annual gathering, the Ard Fhéis, Sinn Féin supported a motion calling on the Government to enact legislation to give effect to the 1992 judgement of the Supreme Court in the X case. They also passed a motion preventing party members from voting according to conscience on the issue. Sinn Féin’s Meath West TD, Peadar Toibín, who voted against the motion when it came before the Dáil was subject to disciplinary action by the party, and has been suspended from the parliamentary party for 6 months.

Furthering their Anti-Catholic credentials, Sinn Fein proposed a motion in the Northern Ireland Assembly to support the introduction of same sex marriages in Northern Ireland (Thanks Alyoshenka!).

This is all relevant because it is only relatively recently that Sinn Féin have received mainstream support in Northern Ireland, shifting away from the  SDLP. Sanitised Sinn Féin can now expect the vote of a majority of Catholics in Northern Ireland.

I think it is now impossible for a practicing Catholic to support Sinn Féin, who must now be considered an all-Ireland, Pro-Abortion, Anti-Catholic organisation. They have divorced themselves completely from their typically Catholic support base.

Sinn Féin voters will now need to decide whether they put republican aspirations above God’s law: or do they prefer this neo-Sinn Féin – Nationalsozialistische Irländisch Arbeiterpartei?

The final vote on the Protection of Life in Pregnancy Bill 2013 was 127 for and 31 against. These are the 31 MPs who voted against and should be included in our prayers, especially the 6 pro-choice MPs who voted-against, because the bill didn’t go far enough.

Fianna Fáil was the only party where members were allowed a free vote on the issue, and 14 members voted against the bill:

  • Michael McGrath (Cork South Central)
  • John McGuinness (Carlow-Kilkenny)
  • Seamus Kirk (Louth)
  • Dara Calleary (Mayo)
  • John Browne (Wexford)
  • Éamon Ó Cuiv (Galway West)
  • Charlie McConalogue (Donegal North East),
  • Brendan Smith (Cavan Monaghan)
  • Sean Ó Fearghail (Kildare South)
  • Willie O’Dea (Limerick)
  • Robert Troy (Longford-Westmeath)
  • Michael Kitt (Galway East)
  • Seán Fleming (Laois Offaly)
  • Michael Moynihan (Cork North-West)

Five Fine Gael TDs voted against the change in legislation and were effectively sacked from the parliamentary party:

  • Lucinda Creighton (Dublin South-East)
  • Brian Walsh (Galway West),
  • Peter Mathews (Dublin South),
  • Billy Timmins (Wicklow)
  • Terence Flanagan (Dublin North-East)

One Sinn Féin member voted against the bill:

  • Peadar Tóibín (Meath West)

Eleven independents opposed the bill:

  • Michael Healy-Rae (Kerry South)
  • Michael Lowry (Tipperary North)
  • Mattie McGrath (Tipperary South)
  • Colm Keaveney (Galway East)
  • Denis Naughten (Roscommon-South Leitrim)
  • Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan (Roscommon-South Leitrim) PRO-CHOICE
  • Clare Daly (Dublin North) PRO-CHOICE
  • Joan Collins TD (Dublin South Central) PRO-CHOICE
  • Richard Boyd Barrett (Dún Laoghaire) PRO-CHOICE
  • Joe Higgins (Dublin West) PRO-CHOICE
  • Mick Wallace (Wexford) PRO-CHOICE