Berenike’s wish list

Mid-East Instruments Baroq-ulele (soprano, pegs, variegated or rosewood back)

Hans Fallada, Alone in Berlin

Armand Maurer, The Philosophy of William Ockham according to its principles

Two CDs featuring Moshe Aaron Epstein (flute)

Charles de Foucauld, Reconaissance au Maroc

Christopher Page,The Christian West and Its Singers

James McKinnon, The Advent Project

Patricia Neal, As I Am

Keith Jeffery, The Secret History of MI6

Mere Cecile Bruyere, La Vie Spirituelle et l’oraison, d’apres la Sainte Ecriture et la tradition monastique

Abbess Thaisia of Leushino: An Autobiography of a Spiritual Daughter of St. John of Kronstadt

One Response to “Wish lists”

  1. Do you want us to send you these things?

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