A trailer just popped up on Radio 4 for a new debating programme. The first topic up is the merits of sterilizing the mentally and morally unfit. Yes that right folks the merits of sterilizing the mentally and morally unfit. This is to be chaired by liberal pseudo-Catholic Edward Stourton. The problem here is not the result of any debate but the fact that such a topic is considered a fit topic for discussion in the first place. This is part of the softening up process for our Eugenic future. Not long ago the Economist published an article speculating that the mapping of the human genome will reveal that some human beings are untermenschen and we need to prepare ourselves. Ricky Gervaise published an article calling for the sterilization of the socially unfit. James Watson a few years ago announced that the population of Africa are genetically of inferior intelligence. The ubiquitous abortionist and vivisectionist of the unborn Lord Robert Winston is a trustee of the Galton Institute (formerly the Eugenic Society) founded by proto-Nazi cousin of Charles Darwin, Francis Galton. The BBC are forever giving him air-time to re-educate us all.
Nazism was not wrong because of dodgy anthropology or because it advocated an incredibly stupid political system it was wrong because it denied the inviolable dignity and essential equality of mankind. It replaced the Decalogue with a breeding programme. This essential error is quite as compatible with the free market, capitalism and democracy as it is with corporatism and dictatorship. This is what we are being prepared for via the Abortion Act, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, the relentless campaign for Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide, the promotion of contraception and promiscuous sex education and the assault on marriage. These forces are very powerful, the defeat of Hitler only set them back about three decades. Unless people wake up very soon, in the absence of robust and orthodox Christianity, the allure of evolutionism will bring about their triumph.
In April 1938 Pius XI issued the following list of errors to be combated in all Catholic educational institutions. We would do well to remember them.

1. The human races, by their natural and immutable characters, are so different from each other that, the humblest of them is further from the highest race than of the highest animal species .
2. We must by all means, preserve and cultivate strong race and purity of blood, so that all leads to this result is therefore honest and permitted.
3. It is blood, seat of the characteristics of the race, that all the intellectual and moral qualities of man derive as their main source.
4. The basic purpose of education is to develop the characters of the race and inflame the minds of a burning love of their own race as the supreme good.
5. Religion is subject to the law of race and must be adapted to it.
6. The first source and the supreme rule of law and order is racial instinct.
7. There exists only the Kosmos or living universe ; all things, including humans, are only various forms growing over the ages of universal life.
8. Each man exists only by the State and for the State. All that he rightly possesses derives exclusively from a concession to the State.